Everyone likes a saving and with our dental care plan the cost of your routine examinations and a clean & polish with your Dentist are covered with an affordable monthly payment. In the first year of membership you can save £5.00, rising to £12 in the second year and that’s without using any of the additional benefits of the plan!

The table below shows the benefits of our current patients joining our dental plan:

Pay as you go patient Dental Care Plan member

1 year routine maintenance

2 x Examinations

2 x Clean & polish with Dentist

Examination £36.00 per visit

Clean & polish with dentist £38.00 per visit

£11 per month*

*(£11 one off joining fee)


Annual cost



Emergency visit fee

(on the day assessment)


1 FREE visit

Treatment costs

As shown on fee scale

10% off any treatment

Including whitening and cosmetic dentistry


Toothache away from home X

Worldwide assistance to help get you out of trouble in the UK or abroad

Our plan members automatically receive 10% off treatment even cosmetic treatment – As an example Tooth whitening for a member of our plan costs £226.36, saving £24.64!

Our plan has proved so beneficial we no longer register patients on a pay as you go basis this helps our team provide you with the best chance of keeping you trouble free and provides you with the peace of mind that all your routine care is covered.

If you’d like any more information on how the dental care plan can benefit you call us today!