As you get older, your teeth naturally become darker. If you drink tea, coffee, red wine or consume other foods and drinks with strong colourings, your teeth may become discoloured earlier in your life. Another major cause of discolouration is smoking, which can make your teeth appear yellow.

Tooth whitening products can help to lighten your teeth. They usually contain either a chemical called hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When these chemicals break down, oxygen gets into the hard outer surface (enamel) of your teeth, which whitens them. The whitening effects can last from a few months up to three years. This varies from person to person.

The treatment is easy and can even be done in the comfort of your own home! Custom made rubber mouth trays will be made to fit your teeth exactly and will be given instructions on how to put the gel in the mouth trays. Brighter, whiter smiles are achievable in a period of two to four weeks.