Milton Keynes Citizen reported last week that a worker from Essex Smiles in Milton Keynes has been prosecuted for offering Illegal Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is getting cheaper and more accessible. This has resulted in lots of harmful whitening methods, products and scams that can fool or harm consumers.

A worker from Essex Smiles in Milton Keynes has been prosecuted for offering Illegal Tooth Whitening. The worker pleaded guilty and has been ordered to pay £4500.

There are so many benefits of professional tooth whitening provided by a trained dental professional, in a safe and legal way! Let’s take a look at a few of them

You will get a better result

If you decide to pick up tooth whitening treatments from the shops or online, you’re going to get a random result. You really won’t have any say in what shade your teeth turn out to be in the end. However, when you get them professionally whitened, you can choose how white you want your teeth. You don’t want to end up with teeth that are brighter than the moon! You also want to make sure that your whiteness is appropriate for your skin tone. Your dentist will be able to advise what shade would be most suitable for you.

The Dentist’s Treatments Are Safe

Over-the-counter treatments may be too harsh on a person’s teeth and can actually severely damage them. Your dentist will use products in your mouth that are safe for your teeth and gums and won’t be too harsh. Your dentist will be able to monitor the steps, so they can tell if they need to increase or decrease a treatment.

Patients are generally happier after seeing the dentist for Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is extremely popular. However, it’s even more popular when it’s done by a professional. In fact, in a survey 82.5% of people saw a noticeable difference after having their teeth whitened by a dentist.
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