Throughout life we use lots of toothbrushes so it’s great to find some other uses for them once we have started to use a new one. We love the idea of recycling our old toothbrush and giving it a new purpose.

We asked our staff what they use their old tooth brushes for and here are our top 10 uses;

  • Cleaning taps, sinks and showers. They are great for cleaning grout
  • Cleaning jewellery. They are great for cleaning stones in rings
  • Cleaning shoes, especially the sides of shoes
  • Cleaning car parts, especially tyres
  • Pet grooming/ stroking. They are great for small animals
  • Gardening. They are great to help tidy up plant pots
  • Give to children to use with toys. They are great for brushing dolls hair
  • Use in arts and craft box for painting
  • Make games out of them like mini curling
  • Help with hair dyeing. They are great for brushing the dye into the roots of hair

There are biodegradable toothbrushes which are made from bamboo, these can be put into your compost bin after use. For more information visit GOBAMBOO.CO.NZ