And no we aren’t talking about a trike or cozy coupe! We are talking about your little one’s first trip to the dentist.

The first 12 months of your child’s life are an important part of their dental development. Baby teeth tend to come through from 6-9 months and teething can bring a range of symptoms including red cheeks, sore swollen gums, increased dribbling and as everyone will tell you sleepless nights and lots of tears.
Don’t worry your health visitor, pharmacist or even one of our dentists can offer you tips on helping your baby feel a little better.

We’d recommend that the child’s first visit should be around the time the first tooth comes through. Our dentist will find out if you have any concerns and take a look at those little teeth and reward the little one with a sticker!
You should start to brush your baby’s teeth as soon as they start to come through, the dentists and team at Newport Pagnell Dental Practice can offer advice on brushing and help to ensure you are using the correct toothpaste for your child’s age. We pride ourselves at Newport Pagnell Dental Care on preventative dentistry and our team are on hand to provide lots of advice concerning tooth development, diet and how to avoid possible problems.

The first dental check-up is a great mile stone and will help pave the way to fantastic oral health throughout your child’s lifetime. We also know that not every child will lay back in the chair like the famous Pepper Pig does but each check up will get a little easier!

If you’d like to discuss booking your child in with a member of Newport Pagnell Dental Clinic please call us 01908610536