As parents we want to make sure that we are doing the best by our children and worryingly a staggering 170 operations are completed each day to remove teeth from children and teenagers due to dental decay. Tooth decay is the number 1 cause of hospital admissions in children.
We have a few tips to help make sure that your child’s teeth last them a lifetime:

1) Get started early! As soon as your baby has teeth you can start to brush them gently using a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste (always read the label!) Just like us children’s teeth should be brushed last thing at night and at last 1 other time during the day (after breakfast)

2) Visits the dentist! Bring them along to your appointments from an early age it’ll help get them used to the sights & smells (Plus we all like to coo over babies!) Book their first appointment once their first few teeth are through.

3) Make it fun! Let them choose their favourite character toothbrush, use songs or even reward charts! It’ll help make it part of their routine and form good habits from the start!

4) Snack time! Try to limit your little one to 2 snacks a day between meals and be mindful what you offer. Dried fruit can contain lots of sugar! Keep food or drink with sugar in to meal times only and don’t brush straight after as the enamel will be softer, try and wait around 30 -60 minutes.

Check out a Facebook page we shared a fun way to help teach your child to brush using Lego & a dry wipe marker!
If you have any questions about looking after your child’s teeth pop along or send a message we’d love to help!