The summer is upon us and it’s great to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Whilst we are all enjoying the BBQs, picnics, and ice creams it is worth bearing in mind these 5 tips to keep your teeth in tip top condition to have a great smile during the summer:

Drink plenty of water. It is important to your mouth as well as your general health to stay hydrated. A dehydrated mouth can lead to decreased saliva production and sores in the mouth.

Keep snacking on sugary foods and drinks to a minimum. It’s worth bearing in mind that every time we eat something sugary or have a sugary drink this is one acid attack on the tooth surface. It takes our saliva at least 20 minutes to remineralise the acid attack. So by keeping sugary snacking to a minimum you are decreasing the risk of dental decay.

Eat Apples to help whiten your teeth. Just chewing on apples helps scrub your teeth. Apples also have a high concentration of malic acid, which is used in some toothpastes. Malic acid increases saliva, which cleans your teeth and helps remove stains, according to a 2013 study conducted at the University of Grenada (Spain).

Take care of your teeth every day. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing is the first defence against decay. It is a great benefit to your overall general health too.

Attend your dental check-ups regularly. The Dental check-ups are really important to keep your teeth looking as best as they can during the summer and all year round. The dentist can also recommend cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth.


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