If you love that sparklingly clean feeling in your mouth, you’ll understand the value of a thorough, professional cleaning session with our dental hygienist. We recommend routine appointments with our dental hygienist in order to maintain Healthy teeth and gums.

Hygienists are exceptionally skilled in cleaning and maintaining the health of your gums, professional cleaning to remove the hard deposits of build up on and in between the teeth will help to slow the progression of gum disease.

Our hygienist can give you tailor made oral hygiene advice give dietary advice in relation to oral health, and direct you into using the most appropriate oral hygiene aids, e.g. floss, mouthwash, electric toothbrush, etc

For nervous patients we offer empathy and understanding as we do appreciate that some people are anxious about visiting the dentist. Our team is friendly and gentle, and we are always ready to listen any concerns you may have.