Whether this appointment is after 6 months or 6 years the first visit to a new dental practice can be daunting- we understand that! We also know for some daunting is an understatement – we pride ourselves on making even the most nervous patient at ease!
Here’s a little information of what to expect at your first visit- we hope it helps!

The welcome

Firstly we have our Reception team who will be there to meet and greet you and try their hardest to find an appointment time to suit you. They have vast customer service and dental experience, perfect to answer any questions you have!
The Reception team will always check your contact details, ask you to fill in a medical history form and sign any other forms we require. Then you can head off to the waiting room where we won’t keep you waiting long!

The appointment

A member of our nursing team will call you through. The nurse is literally the dentist right hand person – they prepare the room ready with all the equipment our dentist needs and assist the dentist with your treatment. They’re also great hand holders should you need support!

Our dentists – we have 4 equally wonderful dentists! They all have their own way to assess your dental health but the examination will go something like this:

  • Check your medical history – this ensures we treat you as safely as possible.
  • Find out if you have any concerns often these are broken teeth, bleeding gums or maybe even something cosmetic- whiter teeth!
  • The dentist and nurse – A TEAM! Will go back and forth in dental talk making a note of which teeth you have and previous dental treatment
  • Your overall gum health will be checked and noted
  • The dentist will check your whole mouth for any signs of anything untoward
  • Occasionally routine X-rays are taken. These are quick and painless and are taken to assess for any issues the dentist can’t see by looking
  • The dentist will give you brushing and diet advice to help you look after your teeth at home
  • Advice on when to return

If Treatment is recommended

  • Written Treatment plan- if you require any treatment this is all logged on our system so we can provide a printed treatment plan for you to keep showing the estimated cost of your treatment

Treatment Plan

Whether you need filling or a smile make over!
We have dedicated treatment coordinators who are able to discuss your treatment plan with you and costs involved. If your treatment plan cost is over £600 we have easy ways you can spread the cost with NO DEPOSIT AND INTEREST FREE! This means that even your smile make over can be affordable!

We hope this makes booking that appointment or the walk through our door a little less daunting- we look forward to seeing you!