Charcoal Toothpaste


As you are all probably well aware it is one of the latest trends, it’s available in most shops, and easily accessible to purchase online. It has been marketed by leading manufactures as a low cost easy option to whiten your teeth!


Does it actually work?


It sound as though it couldn’t be easier? Just swap from your normal brand of toothpaste and see the results – But before you swap – lets take a closer look and find out if it actually does in fact whiten teeth.

In a recent article published by the BBC and according to some experts the answer from them is No, and what’s more they warn that these products could in fact do more harm than good.



Well by using a charcoal toothpaste instead of your regular brand could it could actually increase your risk of tooth decay, and in fact even cause stains to build up on your teeth says a review in the British Dental Journal, therefore having the opposite desired effect.

Charcoal toothpaste products on the market have been made extremely popular by social media and celebrity endorsements, but these toothpastes and powders often contain no fluoride.

Fluoride has beneficial effects on the formation of dental enamel and bones and is an ingredient used in our regular toothpaste products to protect our teeth.


Potential risks

It is also important to be aware that increased pressure and over brushing can lead to enamel wear, this can cause sensitivity and discomfort.

Over brushing and wear of enamel can also cause the teeth to be more yellow in appearance as beneath the enamel is dentine, this is a creamy yellow colour.


To buy or not to buy?

Before making a purchase and trying a quick fix, consider the risks and always ensure your oral health is the main focus.

If you are keen to improve the colour of your teeth, the best thing to do is to visit your general Dentist and they will recommend and provide a suitable safe whitening product.

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